Rainbow Cookies

Salam and hai everyone,

I'm just helping friend to promote this rainbow cookies.
my friend are selling this rainbow cookies. 1 Box ONLY RM15, which is contain 30pcs++. This price is exclude postage. 
For those who are carving to this rainbow cookies, can direct email me at fazleenkamarudin@yahoo.com

Serioussss sedap. selalu ade org jual nipis sgt kan. ni tebal skit, so knyg and 'merasa' lah jgk rasa nya :)


Marou Apple Hijau said... Reply

wow comel je..

LeenNajib said... Reply

kann. beli lah! haha :)

twinscraftlife said... Reply

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Tomtins 이민정 said... Reply

The cookies so cute.
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